I’m Yusuf, a designer and project lead - building Muslim Hub powered by LaunchGood. Previously improving customer experiences at eBay and Shopify.

I’m a compassionate problem-solver that loves to disentangle complexity and create clarity – to drive business value through human-centered design.

Recently contributed & shipped

eBay • 2023 • Germany
eBay Lokal

Shopify • 2022 • Shipping
Shop Promise
Shopify • 2021 • Shipping
Backup shipping rates

Shopify • 2020 • INTL
POS next in german
Shopify • 2020 • INTL
Covid support for retail merchants

Shopify • 2020 • INTL

Make Shopify POS GOBD compliant

thumbnail mistwash
Mistwash • 2019
Designing and shipping two Progressive Web Apps to help a Dubai-based startup scale their business in the UAE region.

Full case study

thumbnail tajawal
Tajawal • 2018
Revamping and shipping the mobile web experience of EMEA’s largest online-travel agency through Progressive Web Apps.

Full case study

thumbnail dawanda
Dawanda • 2016
Designing and shipping two native apps for Europe’s largest marketplace for handmade and unique goods.

Full case study

More creative projects from my past :)

thumbnail 3d design
3D Design
thumbnail the world font
The World Font

thumbnail movie
thumbnail illustrationsIllustrations

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