Yusuf Algan

Berlin, Germany

Hi there!
I’m a Product Designer from Berlin. I have a passion for minimalistic yet clear and simple design. Steve Krug said: “Don’t make me think” - Design needs to feel natural, an extension to your environment which fits in seamlessly and ideally leaves you happy and satisfied. 

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Design is a broad term, which nowadays is misused, abused and not significant enough to be considered as the essence of human interaction and behaviour.

My focus is on creating great products by solving real user problems using the Lean UX method. I collaborate early with the my team by creating Experience Canvases together and explore all aspects around the problem.

Research the status quo & define the problem
Interviews, Personas, Site maps, User flows

Reflect on possible solutions & concept tangible ones 
Sketches, Infographics 

Create, evaluate and iterate on prototypes
Paper prototype, Invision, MVP

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Since Aug 2015  
DaWanda GmbH | Berlin
Product DesignerDaWanda App (iOS & Android)
. Creating a vision for a delightful mobile user experience
. Working with the Lean UX process in an agile cross functional team
. Solving real user problems and figuring out what our users really need (and not always what they want)
. Collaborating with Stakeholders and Specialists on problems & feasible solutions
. Make possible user and business impact visible by creating dashboards and tracking the right metrics/kpis
. Analysing qualitative/quantitative user data & behaviour and iterating on next steps

DaWanda mWeb
. Cleaning up non-responsive pages
. Determining the highest user/business impact and iteratively improving the user experience

Jan 2015 - Jul 2015 
Freelancer | Berlin
3D Artist Space Rift - Episode 1
I was part of the early stage environment and model creation with 3D tools and Unity.
. Modeling, texturing, shading
. Environments
. Buildings
. Export & import to Unity3D
. Establishing the scene for devs

Unity Asset Store
Freelance 3D Modeling an Action RPG Melee Weapons Pack
. Modeling, texturing, shading
. Setting up the scene
. Preparing package for sale

Aug 2014 - Dez 2014 
Freelancer | Cologne
Product Designer
Westwing Universal App
. Wireframes
. Evaluation & Iteration on User flows
. UI Design
. Xcode screen prep

Tapcom (iOS App)
Partnered up with a friend to work on a new way of messaging
. Vision & Planning
. Wireframes
. Testing & Feedback gathering
. UI Creation

Jan 2014 - Jul 2014 
VibrantCore | Bonn
Product Designer
"randuell" by ProSiebenSat1 Games (iOS & Android App)
I worked as a Product Designer on randuell, a german trivia game themed around soccer, currently played by 50-100k players around Germany.

. Wireframes & Mockups
. User flows
. Iterative UI Creation
. XCode screen creation

Oct 2013 - Dez 2013 
Brainseed Factory | Bonn
3D Artist
Mecca 3D (iOS & Android App)
As a 3D Artist I researched the real life environment of Mecca with Google Earth /Maps. Analysing and setting up architectural boundaries for modeling.

. Researching
. Modeling
. Unity Scene Creation
. Testing on mobile devices

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